How to retrain for a career in finance

Every organization needs accountants, and the number of accountants in Christchurch is increasing too. Going beyond the fields of management and taxation, accountants are an essential part of any business firm, their work contributing significantly to ensure that the company does not run into losses. An accountant plays a vital role in ensuring the domestic and overseas success of a company. It is for good reason then, that demand for accountants is at an all-time high in the country today.

What roles des an accountant play?

With the boom in the financial sector, there are a lot of opportunities available for accounts in the country today. Following are some of the things every accounting and financial expert may need to do if they are looking for finance recruitment Christchurch.

1. Financial Accounting

Financial accounting as a field arguably has the most number of graduates involved in the country today. You have the option to provide your services to commercial or non-commercial organisations. The job includes a large number of duties, but at the end of the day, your purpose is to ensure that the organisation you are working for does not fail to obey its legal duties and is financially stable.

2. Audit and Assurance

Another career option that you can pursue is of Auditing. As an Auditor, your job is to test a company’s accounts and decide if they genuinely represent the company’s dealings. Auditors in the country have to register with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority.

3. Taxation

As a Tax Accountant, you will be accountable for the accumulation of tax related information for government authorities. In the private sphere, your role may include giving advice to companies about the tax impact of their strategies.

4. Risk Management

One of the newer job profiles today is that of Risk Managers. They play a pivotal role in the success of a company as they recognise potential risks to its profits, and devise plans to avoid or mitigate these risks.

5. Business owner

Many accountants develop an entrepreneurial instinct and become well versed with the financial workings of a business firm. Experience in the accounting field will provide you with the most important skills needed for running a successful business.

Other Roles

As far as the responsibilities in a company are concerned, the job profile will vary according to one’s preference. You may have to prepare tax returns, monthly and annual accounts and examining financial statements. As an integral part of the team, you will work to implement risk management policies and help the company maximise their profits. Your job could also include facilitating mergers and acquisitions.

Your responsibilities can include sampling transactions including copies of cheques from customers, purchase orders, and contracts to ascertain that the sales figure are correct. Contrary to the common misconception, you do not have to check each and every transaction, just the ones that are important. And although you need to keep a lookout for fraud, it is not the sole purpose of your job.

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