How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Branding

In New Zealand, many big brands have decided to stop the distribution of paper flyers in mailboxes. They are increasingly going for digital marketing.

But the paper has long been the main advertising media in New Zealand, and the exit of big brands might leave room for smaller businesses to communicate. In this article, we tell you all about this month’s trends of physical advertising for New Zealand businesses

The rise of digital marketing in New Zealand

Several studies have shown that the promotion potential of digital marketing is increasingly valued and fits perfectly in the evolution of consumer use. In fact, most kiwis expect this format to develop rapidly and even replace paper promotion definitively.

Nowadays, most people in New Zealand are exposed to promotion messages through digital media which encourage most of them to go to the stores. For instance, they often use coupons they got on the Internet in physical stores.

The gradual shift of the prospectus to digital promotion is now a reality because technologies finally allow it. Audience and digital traffic largely replace paper to attract customers in-store. Of course, this is even truer in urban areas, but consumers, in general, are more and more sensitive and attentive throughout New Zealand.

This attraction of digital media can also be attributed to the lessened ecological and economic impact of brands on the environment and many consumers now consider leaflets to be a pure waste.

Kiwis still like paper advertising

But not everything is lost for physical marketers. A large fringe of the population in New Zealand, very often the oldest, still pay a little attention to paper prospectus.

The paper flyer must coexist with digital media and trains the brands to think about better use of these two promotional channels. Not everyone believes that promotion on papers should be replaced by promotion on the Internet.

Digital and physical promotion must be used together by businesses. And there are plenty of new ways to it. When launching a new product or a new service, it is often useful to design an advertising campaign with physical objects to make an impression, seduce and retain customers.

The goodies are still good

Goodies are low-value promotional items that promote a new product in a simple and effective way. A well-targeted marketing campaign will enhance you promotional activities with customers, prospects, specifiers, employees (sales teams) or partners (distribution networks).

These goodies can be distributed during salesforce training as well as during fairs or official presentations to leave an imprint on the minds and make a huge buzz around the new products.

It is not necessary to choose an advertising object with a direct link to the product. The goodies are a medium of communication aimed at appealing customers through their originality, colour, forms, or usefulness

New Zealand stores propose countless innovative goodies that can accompany the launch of a new product. They can be pens, keychains, anti-stress balls, packaging products, candy boxes, and gadgets of all kinds. Physical marketing extends way beyond brochure printing!

Personalised pen drives

Think about advertising USB keys. They are frequently used for promotional aims because they make it possible to store all information and visuals concerning the product and service you are selling.

Multimedia objects are among the most popular marketing arguments in New Zealand. They are trendy and useful. The idea of offering a USB key to its customers and suppliers stems from two main points. If you are a business, you want to give a gift that pleases but also leaves an imprint. In this sense, a pen drive can be both useful to the recipient and carry a message too.

Office furniture

Notebooks, notepads, aluminium poster hanger and personalised office accessories are also popular. They have surfaces that can be really useful to leave a long-term message.

When it comes to publicising your business, keep in mind that you must systematically increase your visibility —in a durable way. For returning customers, offering a promotional item that lasts like the advertising office furniture is the most effective way to remind your existence to customers.

Promotional bags

This is the typical point of sale material. A promotional bag can also be an opportunity to display in large format the name and the visual of the new product. In a salon, the advertising bag is essential because it allows for transporting the brochures. That’s why it’s important to choose a robust and practical advertising shopping bag that will turn visitors into real mobile billboards…

With a tight budget, it can be difficult to choose the right marketing products that will have the greatest impact for your company. Promotional bags are one of those! Keep in mind that a simple advertising gift is an ideal way to increase customer loyalty. By offering them this little welcome or thank you gift, you will only increase the satisfaction of your customer!

Advertising clothes

Advertising t-shirts or personalised caps stand among the classics of communication by the object. These mediums have the advantage of involving a very large audience in a sustainable manner. Even if you are e-commerce, you can print your electronic address on it with a barcode label maker software.

A timeless communication tool, it is highly appreciated by the entire population in New Zealand. The kiwis are really fond of clothes, including custom t-shirts, that they can wear for gardening or doing sports. A perfect way to turn people into brochure holders!

Plant the message in a plant

Very trendy today, the advertising plant is becoming an increasingly popular promotional item in NZ. The plant is alive and hence makes it possible to associate the new product with symbols of growth and durability.

Keep in mind that the advertising plant, the tree plant or the seed bag require a minimum of maintenance. So simply sowing or watering will be a way to make your target customers keep you in mind. 

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