Easy Ways To Create A More Productive Office Environment

There are a number of factors that impact productivity but nothing is more impactful than your office environment. If your employees are in a good state, their productivity levels will increase which will, in turn, make more room for your business to grow. Introducing new changes to habits will greatly boost productivity levels and office efficiency in your business. This means employees will be able to perform quality work quickly as well as reduce the amount of time spent on non-demanding tasks.

While impacting productivity, the office environment can also affect decision making, mental, and physical health. So it’s important that your office environment is designed to boost creativity, employment relations and productivity. How can you create an office environment that improves efficiency? Read on to learn six easy ways to improve efficiency in the office environment and ensure productivity is kept to a maximum.


Time management may not be the top of your priority list but it’s one of the best ways to keep you and your team members at peak productivity. Rather than gossiping at work, reading emails or scrolling through social media feeds, important tasks can be scheduled at the appropriate time for optimal workflow. Create a to-do list of tasks and figure out how much time is needed on each task. This process doesn’t have to be an overwhelming chore, with the use of good time management and tracking tools, you can easily see how you’re using your time and let go of unnecessary activities. Make sure you don’t go overboard, only make use of the essential tools you need and have your employees coordinate together. Reduce the task that each team member handles, you should aim to give them tasks that they can handle without tiring out.


Your office environment should be kept clean and organised. Too much clutter can leave your employees disorganised and reduce their productivity levels. If things are not kept under control, it can be really messy. From heaps of large files to scattered pen and paper on the desk, this makes room for your mind to wander while working. An orderly office environment will instead create a better working condition and will save you time since you won’t be searching for missing work items. Office cleaning also has a positive impact on your overall health state.


Productivity in your office space can decrease greatly if there are lack of resources, tools and equipment. If your employees are not performing well, you should figure out if they have the right tools and equipment at their disposal to do their job. If they don’t, you should make changes as soon as possible. It’s important that you provide your employees with the right tools and equipment so they can perform their tasks efficiently without wasting time.

You don’t want to have your employees spending more time waiting for paperwork to print because your office printer is outdated or faulty. Ensure you get high-quality, updated tools and equipment, they do not only influence productivity in the office environment but they also influence how your company is perceived. You will save time and effort by making use of durable equipment that will contribute to the growth of your business.


The way your office environment is designed plays a role in overall productivity. If good design isn’t part of your office setting then it might be time to give your office a much-needed makeover. Begin by letting inadequate natural light. Research has shown that workers perform tasks longer when working in natural light than those who work only in artificial lighting.

In addition to proper lighting, ensure you choose appropriate colours in your office. For example, green is suitable for creativity while muted colours radiate a calm and soothing vibe. Avoid bright red colours in order to stimulate mental clarity and a relaxed vibe in the office. An appropriate place to splash a bit of red would be the cafeteria or gym room. Place plants strategically throughout the office and encourage your employees to decorate their work stations as they please. Other design changes you can implement include; setting up ergonomic workstations to prevent back pain and eye strain, the comfortable working temperature at around 22-23 degrees. If your office environment is too hot or cold, it can distract the employees from performing their tasks efficiently.


Taking short breaks away from the computer is important for employees to be able to refuel and ready to move on to the next task at hand. Remember, in order for your employees to produce the best possible work they have to be in the right frame of mind. That includes taking short breaks and not working during lunch hour. Some few ways you can encourage this include:

  • Setting up the coffee and water station not too close to the workspace. This will make employees stroll down the hall when they do decide to get that cup of coffee. Set up cafe chairs with arms to encourage support while employees refuel.
  • Establish a routine stretching session once per day. This session can help strengthen employees and get their energy levels up.
  • Inform employees to avoid eating at their desks. Your employees will most likely accept when it’s a known company policy that advises against eating at desks.


Every office environment can get really distracting as a result of various processes and activities carried out by employees. They range from never-ending notifications to chatty co-workers and incoming calls. Figure out sources of distractions in your workplace and look for solutions and the most suitable ways to put an end to these distractions. If you allow distractions in your office environment, you won’t be able to achieve productivity goals. Limit the number of times you check your email inbox and encourage employees to put their phones on silent mode while working.

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